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Circus Sarasota

Circus Sarasota

Since 1997

Circus Sarasota is a non-profit, performing arts educational organization.

Circus Sarasota was founded in 1997 by circus performers Dolly Jacobs and her husband Pedro Reis, who took out a loan of $125,000 to begin this wonderful program.

What is Circus Sarasota?
The organization states "The mission of Circus Sarasota is to celebrate and preserve the extraordinary heritage of the circus arts through performances, innovative education and training programs, and programs that improve the quality of life for individuals."

Each year Circus Sarasota delivers a spectacular professional circus, 80% of the profits from the performances go to support the organizations community "Outreach Programs" listed below.

Big Top Education
Developing classroom curriculum that is educational and entertaining, using circus arts to learn. This program has raised retention levels in some schools from 57 to an incredible 98 percent.

Sailor Circus
This program which was started by Sarasota High School over 60 years ago, is now under the direction of Circus sarasota. The program brings professional circus performers in to teach circus arts to students in grades 4th to 12th .

Laughter Unlimited
Bringing clowns and professional circus performers to nursing homes and retirement villages.

For more information visit the Circus Sarasota web site.

Dolly Jacobs
Circus Sarasota Poster
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