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Ned Toth

Ned Toth

1946 - 2014

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Circus owner and producer Ned Toth does wear many hats, and wears them well, as a busy entertainment executive. In this fast-paced world of touring attractions, Toth comes by his flair for showmanship and love for the circus in a very honest manner ... he inherited it.

Toth spent his youth and young adulthood surrounded by the sawdust and spangles of circus life. He served a lengthy apprenticeship, learning every aspect of touring a circus from his uncle, the legendary Frank McClosky. Young Ned watched and listened and learned well.

McClosky held top management posts with many of the world's greatest circus combinations, including manager and ultimately general manager of the "Greatest Show On Earth."

To many, Frank McClosky wore a gruff exterior. But those closely associated with him, especially his nephew, tell a very different story. He delighted in the never-ending challenge of planning, producing, and touring top quality shows. Over his illustrious career, he was associated with the biggest and best. He "moved" shows through floods, hurricanes and tornadoes and for many years was co-owner/producer of 3 major East Coast circuses (Clyde Beatty and Cole Bros., Sells and Gray and King Bros. Circus) , which he personally produced and directed. It was his keen insight, attention to detail and love of the circus that he passed along to his youthful nephew Ned Toth.

Toth was an eager student and a fast learner. He gained invaluable experience in all facets of producing and touring a circus ... from handling chores as big top boss, to concession and office management, ticket sales, tour routing, marketing and publicity ... Mr. Toth has done it all and done it well. He's been a very successful producer and marketing executive for festivals and special events throughout the country. And additionally, he's gained even more experience with involvement in touring arena shows such as The Harlem Globetrotters plus numerous concert tours with acts from the Rolling Stones to the Beach Boys.

Ned Toth, a second generation showman, possesses a vast storehouse of knowledge and first-hand experience. And, like his illustrious uncle, he knows the Circus has a never-failing, never-fading appeal for each successive generation of children."Seen through the eyes of a child, a circus is more than entertainment viewed it's an experience lived!"

Of course, the circus has changed over the years. But the basic components of it's appeal remain the same... an action-filled panorama of exotic animals, daring athletes and traditional entertainment. Its a unique combination of sights, sounds, smells and sensations unlike any other show business medium and enjoyed by the entire family.

The future of "Live Entertainment" and especially the "Traditional American Circus" is in very capable hands with Ned Toth at the helm of the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus. For just as his uncle left an indelible mark in previous decades, NED TOTH is dedicated to bringing pleasure and circus excitement to additional millions of show-loving Americans.

Ned Toth on Clyde Beatty Cole Bros
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