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Bobby and Rosa Gibbs

Bobby Gibbs

April 29, 1939 - July 18, 2004

Our special thanks to Casey Gibbs (Bobby's Brother),
for providing photos and biography .


Bobby Gibbs was born to Gracie and Robert Gibbs on April 29, 1939 in Cincinnati,OH. They then moved to Springfield ,MO where he grew up.
His mom and dad were in the appliance business where Bobby worked for them. his dad was a member of the Shrine and gave Bobby a ticket to the Gil Gray show where he found out what he wanted to do in life. He got his 1st job working for Hazel King who had a 6 horse liberty act on the show and talked his parents into letting him go on the road with her as a groom.
After Hazel retired he had become know as a good animal man and was hired by Johnny Herriot as a groom for his camel act.
His love of elephants keep drawing him too the 3 Gil Gray elephants " Tillie, Jenny and Minnie" the next season Red the elephant man blew the show and Johnny ask if he could drive the elephant truck and of course he said yes and got the job. he had just turned 16 and had a drivers license so he had his first accomplishment made.
He would return to Springfield at the end of each season and go to school until he had graduated from high school. he would then rejoin the Gray show at the start of each season, doing all he could to be a treasured employee .
He then purchased his first act from Mr Gray the royal zebus and he was off on his own. His first tour he did was with the Hamid-Morton show where he met his wife Rosa who had come to the show with a Mexican flying act as a flyer. After they were married Bobby was able to lease 3 elephants from Dorey Miller and that is how the Gibbs Elephants got there start.
They were both loved and respected by all.

Our Thanks to Casey Gibbs for submitting this bio.


A Poem by Bobby Gibbs

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Bobby and Rosa Gibbs   Bobby Gibbs and his performing elephants
Rosa and Bobby presents Center ring elephants   Gibbs Elephants
Young Bobby Gibbs   Watering Judy
Bobby with  Boyd “Uncle Heavy” Kimes' Pork Chop Review   Gibbs with his Zebus
Bobby and Rosa Gibbs   Bobby and Rosa Gibbs 3
Bobby and Rosa Gibbs 7   Bobby Gibbs 6


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