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Bubba Voss

Dec. 24, 1918 - Aug. 27, 1993


Bubba Voss was born as Rudolph Henry Voss Jr, on 24th of December in Orange County, Texas, to Rudolph H. (a leathersmith and son of German immigrants), and Gwladys Davies Voss.

As a youth in Orange, Texas, Voss learned to play the trumpet after joining the Lutcher Stark Boys Band. The bands founder Lutcher Stark, was a Sunday school teacher who organized the boys band in an effort to bolster attendance to Sunday school. To become a member of the band, one was required to attend Sunday school.

After graduating from Orange High School, Bubba worked at a funeral home, the navy ship yards and played nights in dance bands

In June of 1942 Voss enlisted in the U.S. Army. Soon after his enlistment Bubba's musical talent was recognized and he was made a member of the U.S. Army Air Corps Band.

After World War II, Bubba returned to Orange, Texas and went back to work at the navy ship yards.

Throuout Bubba's childhood he had heard many stories of when the circuses would come to Orange. The lifestyle appealed to Voss, so when the next circus came to town he signed up.

Bubba spent over twenty years traveling with different shows. He played on Ringling Bros Barnum Bailey, Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus and was Band Master on Kelly Miller Circus.

Voss retired from the road in 1971, returned to Orange and on April 28, 1973 he married Mary E Trawhon.

Bubba did not consider himself a circus historian, however over the years he had accumulated hundreds of circus posters, programs, photos and documents which he displayed at his home in Orange, Texas. His house (which was built by his grandparents), became quit a local landmark.


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Bubba (on left) with the Boom Boom Browning Band, on the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. Circus
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Bubba (on right), with father Rudolph Sr.,
mother Gwladys Davies Voss
and brother Morgan Gwalchmai "Duke" Voss
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